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Hi everyone!!

Today I went to the dealer and test drive a red 2019 coupe GLC 63s with 22 k miles....I loved the car and specially the acceleration.!!

I found out that this is a direct injection engine, no dual injection. Are there any problems in general with carbon build up / misfires with this engine?.....

On Monday I will go to the dealer to sign the papers, However my wife began to check the CarFax and the previous owners changed the tires in 22000 miles time several times......It seemed to me that was kind of weird!!!

I am still wondering why!!!.....I hope it is not because of a problem with the car transmission!!!.....I should ask the dealer on Monday

The other thing that I assume I will have to get used to its when I began to accelerate in the corners the transmission got kind of jerky.....I assume its probably because of the engine's huge torque...

It is really a very beautiful car. It was kinda love at first sight lol.
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