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Hi. I joined this forum to discuss the GLC. While there are other MB forums, most have limited mention of the GLC and forum posts are in the GLK sub-forum. And many of those are from GLK owners who are GLK-centric and not especially positive about the GLC.

I've been looking at the BMW X3 and Audi Q5. The Q5 is getting long in the tooth and it's replacement will be available some time in 2016. I don't want to wait that long. And the X3 is a very good vehicle, but BMW has some bizarre packaging ideas. For example, to get their excellent sport seat, you're limited to buying the M Sport version - which is rather ugly (IMO) and not suited to my needs.

This morning, I saw the announcement for the GLC. Based on limited information, it looks like an excellent match for my needs - high quality, a good "soft" road vehicle, with potentially good handling, and good utility value.

This afternoon, I stopped by the local Mercedes dealer, chatted with a salesman, and sat in a C300 to check out the seats, interior, and dash - which appear to be the same as the GLC. I was very impressed. Overall quality seemed better than the Audi Q5 and much better than the X3. The seats were very comfortable and supportive. The dash user interface was very nice, clear, and easy to use. Seemed intuitive to me. Based on first impressions, I'd give it an A+ and overall seems much better than the BMW X3. That is, with one exception...

The exception is the bluetooth user interface to my iPhone 6. I thought it mediocre. It appears that playing music through the car speakers requires starting the playback through your iPhone and you can select specific playlists, albums, composers, etc. And it seemed a bit slow. Given the great rev

By comparison X3's iPhone UI is MUCH better - when connected, it immediately showed my iPhone, with it's playlists, albums, etc. And it was very fast and smooth.

The salesman said that Apply Carplay will be available in the near future and that current systems would be software upgradable. Theoretically that would take care of the issue. Theoretically. We'll see.

In any case, first impressions are good. I'm looking forward to getting more information and seeing reviews. And I'm willing to wait until it's available before making a buy decision.



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Dan, welcome to the forums. You and I are both here on the ground floor -- it looks like the forum is in its infancy.

All of us here should definitely check out a new C-Class, because as you remark, so much appears to be the same.

I have been impressed by the new C-Class (W205), so I'm optimistic the GLC will meet or exceed my expectations.

I haven't tried an X3 -- I will inspect one and see what I think of the multimedia. Thanks.
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