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Insurance on new GLC

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Hi folks

My partner and I just moved to the UK from the US and have bought out first vehicle.

Our AMG43 18 has a value of £49k. Best quote we could get was £3800 p.a for comprehensive with a £650 excess via Mercedes Insurance

What does everyone else pay? Seems super high
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WOW that's seems horrendous to me

Actual value of the car is of less importance to insurance companies than Make & model, performance and specification as they tend to consider the value in groups if that makes sense, e.g. over £20k, over £30k etc. and they look closely at cost of replacement parts and accident history of those types of vehicle.

Even more important are your own statistics - estimated annual mileage, driving history, your age, and location, you'll pay a premium for living in a city, some more than others and presumably you haven't been offered any no claims bonus.

Mine isn't an AMG just a humble 250d AMG-line but the list value of the car was still over £47k when it was registered Sept 30th 2017. My wife and I are both in our 60s, live in a rural village in Northumberland and get 70% no claims discount. My policy is a multicar type for my GLC and My wifes' 2016 Mini Cooper Clubman ( £25k when we bought it new) and I renewed the insurance just last month at a total cost after various discounts of £396.02 FOR BOTH CARS - That's approx £228 for the GLC and £168 for the Mini.

Fully comprehensive and courtesy car, based on £6000 miles each p.a with excess on the GLC at £400 ( no option ) and the Mini at £150. Insurance is direct with Aviva so a major insurance company.

Unfortunately you won't get near that if you're 25 years of age living in London and driving 25000 miles pa

I think from memory the NC discount is 70%, would have to check but it is maximum, over 15 years no claims.
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Try compare the market and websites, sure they will better that quote by a LOT of money, I pay £215 fully comp protected no claims for my 43, full no claims (over 15 years) living in Dorset and with my wife on the policy.
Only a 220d but around £400 full comp, full no claims discount, 12k a year with business cover.

PHILAMG who are you insured with, looking around at the moment
I am insured with privilege, price through compare the market. Can't get my head around how insurance works as I was paying £10 a year more for a 190bhp discovery sport. I am sure that privilege will increase the price and I will change to another company by using the comparison websites.
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