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Interior Trim / Dashboard Issues

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Not sure if it’s just my particular vehicle or if it’s a common(ish) thing. A bit of internet research says it’s fairly common on the W205 C Class however people only tend to post negative issues on forums.

Basically my car can one day be whisper quiet with nor rattles or creaks at all (very rare occasion) to the dash board, command screen, instrument brinicle, centre console, door trims etc emitting either a buzzing / rattle or creak usually when going over road imperfections that cause a jolt. Going over the same joint repeatedly on a single journey doesn’t always result in the noise!!

The severity of the noise does seem temperature dependant and on some occasions just sitting in the car you can hear the plastic trim creaking without touching anything.

I avoid potholes but where a road has a joint or where two surfaces meet at different levels it will 9 times out of 10 creak. I have tried adding felt tape to various joints etc and have improved things but after a while they re-appear or a new one appears and then goes.

The loan GLC I had (which was new) was similar but as it wasn’t my car I lived with it but this is a £50k+ AMG. I could take it back to the dealer but who knows what state it will come back in and from experience once a car has been taken to bits it’s never the same. Is everyone else's car on this forum silent from the trim with no noises at all?
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i have had a a couple of rattles repaired by the dealer. one troublesome one they didn't find the first time but they did find it the second time i dropped it off. i always keep an ear out for new ones and would have the dealer fix them. hard part is sometimes dealer just cant replicate.
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My creaking isn't continuous and seems dependant on ambient temperature and road condition.

Just had a supplier visit who has a GLC 220d and he has mentioned how in the recent hot weather his interior trim has started creaking more than usual. He also reported how it used to be worse when the car had summer tyres on, the softer side-wall all season tyres must help in not transmitting road imperfections to the cars structure.

To get a dealer to fix mine it would need to be driven after being stood a while because the creaks seems to go the more you drive.
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