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iOS 16 and CarlinKit Problems

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I am having problems after upgrading to iOS 16.

Until the upgrade I was able to use CarlinKit without a problem, and be connected to the MBUX WiFi at the same time. This morning I had a new issue crop up with CarlinKit. This morning was the first time I was in my car since the upgrade and sitting in a parking lot I noticed my WiFi didn’t show up. When I tried to connect it I got a message saying that to connect to the WiFi CarPlay had to be disconnected. I don’t remember that being an issue before the iOS 16 upgrade.

To isolate the problem I unplugged the CarlinKit and connected my phone directly. No problem, both WiFi and CarPlay worked fine. The issue seems to be related to the BLUETOOTH connection which is required for CarlinKit to work. I reconnected the CarlinKit and reestablished wireless connectivity. On my way home the connection dropped for the firt time. I was unable to reestablish the Bluetooth connection.

Lots of troubleshooting ahead, and with so many moving parts (iPhone, iOS 16, CarlinKit, Benz) it’s not going to be easy 🤬
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