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iPhone set up

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Hello! I've connected my iPhone to make/receive calls using the bluetooth but I can't figure out how to set it up so that I can use it as an audio device i.e stream music from my phone through the car. Does anyone know how to do it? Thank you!
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Press the media button and select the Bluetooth option.
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Hope you figured that out. One problem that I had as soon as I changed my phone was getting a lot of spam sms. I have no idea how and I don't think it's that common of an issue, but it happened to me nevertheless. I tried a lot of stuff and I actually think I might have put more viruses on my phone from all those sketchy methods that I found online. I would only recommend trusting secure sites and recommendations that have reviews. I found this article about how to filter spam sms and it was the only one that helped me solve the problem that I was facing. That's in case any of you face the same issue.
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