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Issues with 2019 GLC 300

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Less than a month ago, the car entertainment module stopped connecting to my phone's bluetooth. I often do work in my car that I relied on it to connect to my phone so that I can talk while driving. I made an appointment that took 2 weeks out to make. The problem turned out to be with the entertainment module that needed to be replaced. Since it was still under warranty, it was replaced free of charge. Got the car back for couple of days, then a new problem cropped up. This time, it showed there was a problem on the driver side console. The light that came up looks like it might have something to do with the airbag or airbag sensor. I called on Monday to make an appointment and the earliest that I can bring it in is next Thursday. I'm sure whatever the issue is, the warranty will take care of it. Even if the manufacturer warranty expired, the extended warranty I bought for the car should cover it as well. The fact that it takes over a week or longer to make an appointment to have my Mercedes service, I'm wondering if there are a lot of people having reliability issues with their Mercedes. As far as luxury car goes, I thought Mercedes was supposed to be among the best when it comes to reliability. Or am I wrong about that?
Does anyone else who own 2019 GLC 300 also encountered similar issues or is it just me?
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