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Jacking a GLC

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Has anyone had the need to jack up their GLC? I have a 5 ton trolley jack but as our GLC runs on 20's I dont think the lift is going to be high enough.

Any ideas?
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Not too surprised you haven't been exactly bombarded with replies. I reckon there is probably an inverse relationship between the cost of a vehicle and the desire for the owner to get his hands dirty. I've hoisted Red Ken into the air on a few occasions, firstly to paint his brake calipers red (sad, I know) then mainly for tyre rotation. You are right in assuming your trolley jack won't probably get the tyres off the ground unless it is one of the high-lift variants produced with SUVs in mind. IIRC Toolstation and Machine Mart are good sources for inexpensive models. I use a couple of bottle jacks to get a side in the air for tyre rotation. The ride height of the GLC remains the same for all rim/tyre combinations. I have a 5-ton telescopic version that lifts to 500mm and another 10-ton jobbie with just a screwout extension that can lift to 460mm. In addition you will need a couple of jack pads to insert in the lifting point recesses. Something like this:

Jack Pad to fit GLC jacking points
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Many thanks for the reply

I've ordered a high lift trolley jack from ebay for £50
Glad you are sorted. Ebay is awash with cheap Chinese high-lift trolley jacks like the 3-ton Liftmaster. Please, please, please be sure to use at least one axle stand in addition to that jack if you intend going under the car. Being manufactured from cheese metal and with sketchy hydraulic seals, what could possibly go wrong? :surprise: :surprise: :surprise: :wink2:
I wouldn't dream of doing any work without an axle stand
SGS engineering also do some very good jacks and axle stands
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