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Ordered my 2018 GLC43 SUV a couple of weeks ago and impatiently waiting delivery. March 3rd decade build

Brilliant Blue
Black Leather
Advanced Lighting Package
Air Balance Package
Smartphone Integration Package
AMG Performance Exhaust System
Panorama roof
Ventilated front seats
Heated rear seats
Burmester Surround Sound System

Hoping I made all the right choices. Just not into too much tech in the car. Thoughts?
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Welcome to the forum LostCause, sure you will love the car.

Can you please fill your location in on your profile so we know what market you are in as answers to certain questions can be market specific.
Welcome LostCause, your car sounds great. In the UK we don't get a sports exhaust option on the GLC 43, not sure what exhaust we get to be honest?
Don't think it adds more than a different exhaust sound, but why not
As K44ENT says not available in UK but exhaust sounds really good to me.
As K44ENT says not available in UK but exhaust sounds really good to me.
It does!! Just been for a drive in mine, have individual mode set to Comfort suspension, sport steering / engine and ASS off. Sounds flipping amazing even though i'm taking it easy and running it in. I did stray north of 4000 rpm a few times once it had warmed up!!
This waiting is taking its toll. One month down, ~2 to go before delivery. Not sure how many more time I can read the specs and search how too links
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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