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LED headlights

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Having just got the GLC yesterday the Mrs was then at work until 10:30, getting a chance to try the LED headlights out. "Night to day" was the term used, with crisp white light illuminating for miles, very impressed.
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I've had a chance to have a nocturnal trundle out in my GLC at last and I have to say I am incredibly impressed with the lights. The dip beam is so wide, easily covering both lanes in pure white light. High beam adds another dimension again easily illuminating 1kM away ! These are a very good set of lights folks and will make winter driving a lot safer.
Just a little update folks as I've done a bit more night driving and have noticed an interesting feature of the LED's. More than any vehicle I've had before the LED lights 'pick up' on reflective material, be it road signs, clothing (joggers & dog walkers) and animals eyes. I don't know if it is the light colour (about 5000k) or the lens or the sheer power but you can spot reflective material literally a mile away. A deer trotted across the road well ahead of me at the weekend and I could see it's eye's reflecting back from well over 400yds away (yellow) as it looked back down the road in my direction. And that was on dip beam ! I've had cars with HID lights before and the LED's are even better. The 'off road' package, when activated, even moves the lens forward in the light fitting to spread the light even wider for better vision. The only downside I've noticed so far is that when you approach large, white reflective road signs (of which we have a lot of in the UK) the reflection can be a bit too bright and you have to dip the beam to avoid dazzling yourself.
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does anyone have any experience with the leds in foggy conditions?
Looking forward to testing Intel.Lights here in Scottish Borders come March. Many of the narrow roads and tracks around about have soft verges difficult to see at night.
My 2017 GLC 300 has halogen bulb headights. I would like to upgrade these to better bulbs. Any recommendations? Thanks.
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My 2017 GLC 300 has halogen bulb headights. I would like to upgrade these to better bulbs. Any recommendations? Thanks.
The high and low beam bulbs are all H7s. (You'll need 4)

I'm looking into this too. Just make sure the ones you get have a rotating adjustment, as I've read MB requires them to be rotated for proper beam projection.
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