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Lime Green Wrapped Mercedes-Benz GLC [photos]

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Not much to say about this other than, "Wow, that is a very bright green GLC." It was done by a German company called Schwaben Folia (translated to "GermanWrap"). Maybe its trying to blend into a golf course, or maybe it will be a safety vehicle for some type of event or facility, or maybe the driver just has terrible taste. Your guess is as good as mine.

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC Going Green the Wrong Way Will Hurt Your Retina - Photo Gallery - autoevolution
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That GLC may be eye piercingly green but I've seen worse. Neon Pink...
Maybe it won't be so bad if the green was matte.
This might be appropriate for a branded vehicle that is promoting something, like Monster energy drinks, but its too much for a normal car.
Not a color i'd go with but i have to admit that it does look good. Probably helps that there's someone that was willing to do something different than to go with what's common.
I"m not really sure if it looks good or not. My mind does not know what it should think when looking at a line green GLC. Maybe it'll look better in real life or maybe worse. Who knows.
When was the last time that you saw a neon colored car on the road? Either you've seen one, and I bet that it wasn't the nicest looking, or you haven't seen one and that's because it's so ugly that nobody gets it.
I saw the a neon pink car last week with hello kitty window decals. No idea what model it was because all I saw was pink. :grin2:
They make an appearance once in a while but maybe I just live close to the few people who likes that shade of blinding pink.
It should look in Gold, bound to be something you'll see in Dubai!

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That gold color actually looks very nice but that's probably because a perfectly shined hood makes anything look good.
That gold color actually looks very nice but that's probably because a perfectly shined hood makes anything look good.
I haven't seen a gold look that good before. Still ostentatious, but it looks good. I'll leave wraps like that for the celebrities.
Seen the tron aventador... starting to think that theme could look good on an AMG Version of this... wouldn't mind seeing a tron suv
I'm not sure that the GLC has hard enough lines and edges to take to the Tron look. Those highlights have to follow edges on the vehicle and the GLC is more curvy than angular.
I think the coupe can take on its styling, just need to get someone to photoshop it on
I'm horrible with Photoshop. If anyone can do it, please make it matte forest green. I think it'll look very nice.
I don't even know how to use, hopefully some photoshop guru will join the forum :D
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