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Looking for Air Compressor w/Sealant

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I'm switching tires from run-flats to normal tires so I'm looking for a solution if/when I get a nail. I remember seeing a post about a third-party product that was a combined compressor with sealant that I really liked, but I didn't save the link and now I can't find it. It's not the Airman, Fix-a-flat, or Slime brands. I'm hoping someone here knows what I'm talking about and can help me track it down. If I happen to find it before anyone posts here, I'll post back.
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Mine has an inflation kit though I wont be able to look until this afternoon however it's just a pump and bottle of sealant, something like the stuff in these 2 links
sealant -
pump -

Just google Mercedes tyre inflation kit and I'm sure you'll find loads. I think it the same kit rebadged for the Smart car as well.

However, surely it's all pretty much the same stuff whatever brand you buy. My wifes Mini looks the same as does my daughters Ford and our Motorhome so you're paying over the odds for the Mercedes name.
Thanks for sharing those posts, I did go through those and that helped with my decision to go with a repair solution instead of a spare. I'll keep searching. As @LONS said, there are quite a few out there. The one I saw and now can't find was not MB brand and it was comparably affordable and could be used as both a normal compressor or turn a dial and it would inflate the tire while injecting the sealant. I'll keep searching.
Here's the kit I had in mind, finally found it. (Guess I can't post links, so append "https://www" to this)
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