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Loss of power steering

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My GLC 250d 4matic Sports Premium Plus is just under two years' old and has done just over 8,000 miles. Last week, we were travelling along the autoroute in France at 130kph when the power steering failed. Luckily, we were in the inside lane, the traffic was light and I managed to guide the car off the main carriageway at the next exit slip road. I won't bore everyone with the chapter and verse of our rescue but the car is now with the local MB dealership, some 3 and a half hours from our holiday home. They have identified the issue as a problem with the steering rack, which needs replacing. However, MB tell me that they are unable to source one in France or Europe. The issue has been 'escalated' to the highest level at MB Assistance but, one week on, the car is still marooned. I had a very similar problem last year, again in France, when they were unable to source a replacement windscreen without a considerable delay.

Has anyone had a similar problem with the power steering i.e. a complete loss while driving at speed? And have there been similar problems in obtaining replacement parts? I find it extraordinary that a global company of MB's stature is unable to find replacement parts on a timely basis.
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This could be an indication that this issue is more widespread than MB is letting on. It's not very typical for Mercedes to have so much difficulty in sourcing a replacement part. What loaner are you driving in the meanwhile?
We had a very similar problem when we were in France last year. This time it was a replacement windscreen which MB said was unavailable in France, the UK and Europe. They did eventually find one in France after a week or so, which was delivered in a taxi to the local MB dealership. A whole week of hassle which is not what you want when you're on holiday. Yet here we are again. The saga of the steering rack continues. It turns out that the part number MB were looking for no longer exists which is why they couldn't find one! This wasn't picked up until the Critical Parts department was involved on Thursday and realised that they needed to search for the new part number. MB have now found one. However, despite saying that they would have it couriered to the garage where my car sits, they now tell me that they are posting it and it won't arrive until Tuesday. I've told them that is unacceptable and that they need to courier it asap. I spoke to a so called senior trouble-shooter last night who assured me that the issue had the highest priority, yet they consistently fail to do what they say they are going to do. At this rate, we will be lucky to get the car back before the end of our holiday when we have to return to the UK.

Meanwhile, they have rented us a hire car - a Renault Talisman. I'd rather have my GLC!
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