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Map Pilot Speed Cameras

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Anybody else added speed camera alerts to their Garmin Map Pilot sat nav SD card ?

I used POIBase to do mine -
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Is this for the standard satnav, ie not Command? Do you now see the POI's on screen, do you get any audible alert when approaching? Thanks.
Yes its for the Audio 20 with Garmin Map Pilot sd card in centre armrest. Yes you get audible and visual warnings
Cool, didn't know that would work - will try POIbase - Thanks. I have a subscription to PocketGPSworld, but they don't seem to have files for MapPilot.
Hi, I've installed both pieces of software and restarted my pc. When i select Mercedes Garmin Map Pilot as the device in POIBase, it says I must first install POILoader, but I already have. Did you hit this problem?
No, followed the instructions through and all worked fine. Make sure your using the software link and not through the web browser.
Got it to work and the POI file has gone into the Garmin\POI folder on the SD card, then followed the instructions to rename in order to replace the Merc-dealership POI's. Unfortunately seems very unreliable, some cameras appear, but as soon as you use the map-Zoom they disappear. Are you finding same, and how did you get Audio alerts to work? Thanks,.
They only show when your driving towards them, not sat in the car stationary scrolling the map for them.
I didn't rename anything ??
I got the Garmin55 dashcam which also has speed camera alerts built in with updates among other features, better than adding to sat nav and got dash cam.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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