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Mercedes-AMG Continues Teasing its Upcoming GT Four Door

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Mercedes-AMG has released its official set of teaser photos of the AMG GT Four Doorwearing some interesting camouflage.

The official photos come just a day after our spy photographers caught the same prototype while cold weather testing. Wearing bright yellow, almost neon green flames, the camouflage actually shows off most of the styling for the upcoming sports sedan. The German automaker has confirmed the AMG GT Four Door will bow at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show on March 6, so it won’t be long until we learn everything about it.
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I love the new style of camouflage that Mercedes has opted to use in place of what's normally seen. Imo it serves much better to highlight the changes of car, rather than mask them. I can't wait to get some confirmed specs around the new AMG GT 4 door, and I hope its rumored V8 making +600hp proves true.
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