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According to Mercedes-Benz chief engineer Michael Kelz, turning the GLC Coupe SUV into a Cabriolet wouldn’t be too difficult a project. He says it "would be fun and it's actually not that much of an engineering challenge".

When Kelz said this, there were no renderings of a soft-top version of the GLC and Theophilus Chin decided to rectify this problem by chopping off the roof off a GLC-Class. He also removed the two rear doors because even though this is just a rendering, he still wanted it to be a feasible model. With a 2 door body comes structural rigidity.

Problem is, for Mercedes to come out with a GLC Cabriolet they may need to discontinue another model in the range since there isn’t much space left in the Benz lineup. Also, they would be going up against Land Rover and their RR Evoque Cabrio, a model that is becoming increasingly popular.
Maybe we could see it one day in production or concept form since the senior members of the Mercedes-Benz engineering team would actually like to build one and drop-top SUVs are rising in popularity.

For now, we can only gaze at the rendering and dream.
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