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Mercedes GLC 220d AMG line or Audi Q5 S Line?

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I am based in the UK. I currently own an older Audi Q5 but looking to sell it and to lease either a new 2017 Audi Q5 S Line or GLC AMG Line.

Would feel a little boring leasing the same car as I have just owned, but the Q5 has been good to me and is solid. The GLC is actually about £30 per month cheaper too.

However, I have been really freaked out by the whole crabbing/clonking issue - the GLC I am after has 19 inch wheels and comes with "All Season Tyres". I am really unsure what to do. I absolutely love the interior of the GLC and if not for the crabbing issue would definitely go for it.

Does anyone on here have anything good to say about the GLC? Is is guaranteed that I will experience exactly the same crabbing issues?

Please help!

Thank you :smile2:
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The GLC is a great car, if you have all seasons fitted the issue disappears, go for it.
For me, GLC does 3.0 diesel and although I loved the Q5 interior initially, I do think it's a bit bland and also somewhat similar to the A6 I have at the moment.

Do you think the newer Q5 is different enough from you existing one? They are really nice cars though I did test drive one and was going to order one, but after testing the GLC I thought it had a bit more to it. Like I say, not as bland. Personal taste thing of course.
But I've had a Q3 and an A6 and didn't fancy another Audi.

I didn't worry too much about the crabbing issue, I do think quite a few cars do it. Of course now I've said that I just know in about 2 months time I'll be complaining about my GLC crabbing....!
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