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Mercedes GlC 300 4Matic coupe

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Hi everyone

Glad to be part of the community this is my first post here, please have mercy on me lol... I bought a Brand new 2017 GLC 300 coupe back in Canada, drove it there for couple months and took it back home with me (Africa)... After one year of driving it around with no issues I was quite hit with a Check Engine Light with the car shaking all over the cabin. I called MB and we towed the car to the shop, first I thought it was a misfire problem, damaged engine support or some sort of small problems that would be quickly fixed.

That was my first time experiencing this issue with the car, I was just driving normally, then the check engine light turned on and the car started to vibrate all over. I switch it off and Switch it on again and the same thing happened. The MB Runed a test and told Me the Check engine light was because of a combustion problem, after more research they said the problem came from the car Cylinder 1 and therefore the whole engine needed to be replaced...

The car is 15,000 miles and I believe is still under warranty. Has anyone encountered this kind of issue? If yes, how did MB solved it? MB here told me they will file for warranty and see what would MB Germany respond. If MB here is right in their diagnostic and they have to order a new engine under warranty how long does it usually take before receiving the new one?

By the way I bought a Benz because of its engine reliability and it’s comfort but now that this has happened must admit I’m pissed especially for a 2 years old car at 15,000 miles 😡

Thank you guys ,
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