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Automaker sometimes showcase new vehicles at the annual Frankfurt Motor Show, which is set to take place next month, and Mercedes-Benz will be using it as a platform to debut their new hydrogen fuel cell-powered hybrid in production form.

Last year, the GLC F-Cell prototype was unveiled as part of the automaker’s plans to reduce fleet emissions. Though Mercedes is focusing on battery-powered electric cars, MotorAuthority says they won’t be writing off fuel cell technology completely and the new GLC F-Cell EQ may offer customers the best of both worlds.

Unlike other fuel cell vehicles out there, the GLC F-Cell EQ won’t be relying solely on one fuel source, instead the SUV is a hydrogen-electric plug-in hybrid. Featuring a large battery, drivers can top up via a conventional power outlet or at public electric charging stations when the hydrogen tank is running low. An important feature to have considering rare hydrogen stations currently are.

Though no specifications of the production model has been released yet, the concept’s 9.0-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery combined with 8.8 pounds of hydrogen should give you a bit over 300 miles of range. The battery alone will only provide approximately 30 miles of range, which is enough for a trip to the grocer.

We’ll hear more about it once the Frankfurt Motor Show starts on September 12.
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