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Mercedes GLC Fitted With Advan Sport V105 Tires

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Not quite sure how accurate is but they have stated that Yokohama Rubber Co’s Advan Sport V105 tires will come standard in the Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class models.

The Advan series tires were originally created for high powered cars (not sure how much power they're talking about) and they will be offered in various sizes, 235/60R18 103V and 235/55R19 101V.

Has anyone ever driven a vehicle equipped with Yokohama Rubber Co’s tires?
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Yokohama Tyres are generally very high quality and are O/E on may Honda's, Toyota's and Subaru's (to name but a few). One of my work colleagues has a Honda Accord and swears by them as they are super silent, yet grippy & durable. They were not so clever for motorcycles a few year ago however...
I haven't gotten into anything sporty as yet and I can't imagine it being worth it to me on the GLC. Maybe if I had an AMG GT or something truely sporty. Even with a GLC 63 I wouldn't change what came stock .

Yes my GLC220 Exclusive comes with those tyres as standard..
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