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Mercedes Me connection

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Hi everyone, I noticed my GLC stopped communicating to Mercedes Me on Wednesday (27/03/2019). Both the app and the MMe Website still show the car details (location, fuel level, etc..) as they were on Wednesday evening. I’ve also noticed I no longer get any traffic data on the satnav.

I tried to call Mercedes support today but couldn’t get through - long waits due to high demand.

Is anyone else in the UK been having issues recently?

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Just tried mine it locked and unlocked my car so mines fine
Just checked mileage on mine and same as app, I have used car today.

Ours has done the same. Not updated since
Mine is the same, says the car is 120 miles away!
Sounds like there might be an issue for some people then.

I hadn’t thought to try locking/unlocking which does work even though the other details are wrong.
And it’s working again!
How do I check the location of my car for delivery. They told me 2 weeks 3 weeks ago, and now they only say it’s on the truck for delivery
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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