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Is it possible I could ask typical servicing costs ?

I have checked and enquired about the service plan, price increase & now £34/month

I further checked on servicing costs with a price variance of £30 depending on location
A service Abz - £324.10
Inv - £295.49
Edin - £300.70

B service, I can’t pull from the system
Is it possible someone could advice on service B costs
Assuming every second year the brake fluid is required???

Is the service plans worth the monies
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I take the service plans, works out cheaper overall and no big bill's when car serviced, also supposed to include additional items that are extra to individual services (I believe). If car disposed of prior to end of service contract a refund of any monies due is made or shortfall made up if not enough paid.
I didn't take a service plan and tbh I think it can be questionable unless you live in an area that's expensive servicing.
I live in Northumberland and my local dealer is, unfortunately MB Newcastle ( Sytner ) who own several of the other MB dealerships as well except Coldstream who also I think have the Edinburgh branch.

Sytner fix the same price across all their branches and are more expensive than the Coldstream branch, the 2 services I've had so far have been done at Newcastle as they've price matched, I won't go back to them again however because I now have lost all trust in them following some issues.

First service (A) Sept 2018 I paid £268. Second service (B) Nov 2019 was £ total over 2 years = £ 732 which divided by 24 + £ 30.50 per month which is a definite saving for me over plan costs.

Sytner quoted in round figures £ 296 + £ 512 = £ 808 and the cheaky B******* wanted to charge an extra £30+for labour to pour in some adBlue which I would have to pay for as well. In other words just to unscrew the cap and pour in some liquid! I told them to get lost as it was 3/4 full already and I do it myself anyway. You probably get the adBlue "free" if on a plan and of course as stubax said you don't have to pay the bill up front on a plan, not a problem if you can be organised enough to pay that into a savings account monthly though.

One gripe I have regarding servicing though is that I really don't see why MB insist on a 12 month service when my previous Audi and BMW cars were 2 years or 20000 miles, even my wifes' Mini Cooper and my Fiat Ducato based mororhome is that and the MB servicing is a fair bit more expensive to boot.
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My wifes mini is 18 months not 2 years.
My experience pretty much mirrors Lons (as above) but change Sytner to Stratstone in Leeds/ West Yorkshire.
1st service quote in 2019 was £345 but got it down to £290. Just been quoted £525 for 2nd service at 19000/ 2 yrs.
Due to a history of appalling service from MB Leeds with this and my previous GLC I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole, I’m taking mine to a well respected independent specialist for the 2nd service at £245.
When I checked what the 2nd service consisted of it said change of oil, oil filter air filter and key batteries then basically “check” this that and the other, which isn’t very different from the first service. This smacks of Mercedes reverting to old practices of ripping customers off and providing poor service which got them in the **** about a decade or so ago. Leopard and spots come to mind.
So Why is it that Mercedes don’t do a long life service like almost all other manufacturers in this sector, AUDI, BMW, Range Rover. Might be something to do with the money they can make from service charges. If anyone out there claims that we are really paying for is their hi tech facilities, product expertise and customer care, let me run this one by you.
My sister has the exact same car GLC 250 Prem +. Registered same day as mine 1st March 2018 , but obviously built slightly before mine. Last week She booked it in to have the sat nav maps updated having found that hers was version11 (2017) whereas mine is version 12 (2018). The current one is version 13 (2019), with version 14 (2020) available soon. Having had the car all day she went back to collect it to be told they’d updated it. When she checked it was still version 11. Service manager was clueless and said that was the latest version they had and didn’t know why their updates were almost 3 years out of date. That’s the expertise of one of the biggest dealerships in the country. To much time and effort spent on fancy coffee machines and dolly birds swanning round with I pads. Ask to speak to a technician or service manager and you’re told “Sorry they are not customer facing,” Don’t even bother writing a review as I have done twice as they simply disappear into the ether.

Love the car hate the customer service.
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My wifes mini is 18 months not 2 years.
What kind of mileage does she do Phil. My wife has a cooper clubman automatic bought new and reg 1st Sept 2016 with a 5 year TLC plan and hers is definitely 20000 or 2 years as I've just checked. She's done around 16000 so far over 3 1/2 years

Just to go back to some of my previous cars and costs, my last Audi A6 Avant quatro, similar engine to my GLC, in fact I thought a bit smoother, was services at 2 years / 12000 roughly and cost £182 in 2017. My previous A4 Avant quatro was similar though for some reason that one ripped the tyres off by 11000 miles but that might have been a soft compound.
She only does around 2000 miles a year Lons, on her third mini (new last October) and has never been more than 18 months for the first service which is the only one she has before changing. Will have a look at the info in her car tomorrow to see when it says her service is due.

Agree MB service plan is expensive but I like to pay it each month, I get the 2 year plan as I always change at or before 3 years.
Service plan on my GLC taken out in 2017 was £35 per month, service plan on my GLE taken out last year is £34 a month.
Love the car hate the customer service.
My main issue was that they ( I believe ) botched the wishbone swap which made the car almost undrivable in the wet, they fobbed me off for several months and lied about test driving as my dashcam showed just driving back and forwards a couple of times at low speed in the car park, I got really heavy and eventually they took the car in for 2 days during which my mercedes me app showed it was in and out of the workshop a number of times and including overnight so they clearly worked on it but on collection I was told only very minor adjustments to the toe in and "should be ok now so see what it's like". I'll never know the truth but they would have gained my respect and loyalty if they'd just admitted a **** up instead of lying. The car handling is back to being excellent btw.

I've also had the same experience with the map updates. On 1st service I specifically asked for update 12 after checking with MB it was available and was told they had it and it would be done, docs said it had but when I checked was still ver 11 and when I 'phoned the dealer back they said 12 wasn't out yet. I phoned MB customer services they confirmed that not only was it available but their records showed it had been installed and registered against my vehicle I insisted they take it back in and ver 12 somehow appeared out of thin air but I firmly believe they are claiming costs but not doing the work. They were surprised that I knew how to check the version installed which says quite a lot so how many people are being conned?

They did the same on my 2nd service in Nov last year. I checked first with MB customer service 13 was released and available for my car, Newcastle MB said they hadn't done it as the version was not available anywhere in the UK which was a lie as some members on here already had it installed, I still have version 12 as I'm too fed up to chase them and will just wait until next service which I'll have done at Coldstream and after that if I still have the car I'll have it serviced by Prestige German Cars on Tyneside who are half the price and I'll purchase road assistance elsewhere.
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Strange about the mini Phil this is my wifes 5th and though I can't remember exactly what the others were the engine in the clubman is exactly the same throughout the range. I think the TLC package was £350 and although that's only 3 services it's good value. That's exceptionally low mileage, presumably short journeys, I wonder if it's set up differently due to that? I'll look again at my wife's though to be doublwe certain.

Just as an aside, we have a 4 year old little Skoda Citigo which we use only to tow behind the motorhome, it was bought s/h from a local independant Skoda main dealer and the experience with them compared to MB / AUDI especially is chalk and cheese. I think it's when they are part of large groups that the attitude changes and customer service becomes all front and little substance so not just MB.
Lons, you are correct regarding MB dealers, I have had the same with mine and lost all trust.
A few months ago I hit my wing mirror and they repaired it at a cost of overt £600, about a month later when opening the car it wouldn't go to correct position and I had to put it there using buttons on armrest. I noticed that when folded in it was touching the trim on the door, there should be a small gap. I took it in and they said the stop was broken and wouldn't be covered under warranty as it was caused by the accident. The "kindly" offered me 20% off the repair and would only charge me £535. I argued that if the stop was broken in the accident they should have noticed when the original repair was carried out but they refused to budge, out of principal I haven't had it done as it is no big deal and after the visit to them rarely happens.

I have had quite a few issues with them where they have tried to treat me like an idiot, being told by them that "I have worked here 4 years and know what I am talking about". MB don't seem to use the customer is always right as part of their training but use the customer is an idiot.

I love the cars and the buying experience but the service experience is awful.

I also had the Nav update experience on my GLC, was told I had the latest installation, phoned customer services who said there was an update and said they would call the dealer. Lo and behold was called by dealer next day to say they had just received the update and if I took my car in would install it.

I buy auto express every week and when they carry out their dealer appraisals Lexus always come top, if only they had a car I wanted.
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Thanks gents.
I’m still undecided on the value of the service plan, albeit, prior to asking I already have no faith in the local dealer....
I shall ultimately, opt for the Service Plan and most likely travel for the servicing...
Ludicrous I appreciate
Is it possible I could ask typical servicing costs ?

I have checked and enquired about the service plan, price increase & now £34/month

I further checked on servicing costs with a price variance of £30 depending on location
A service Abz - £324.10
Inv - £295.49
Edin - £300.70

B service, I can’t pull from the system
Is it possible someone could advice on service B costs
Assuming every second year the brake fluid is required???

Is the service plans worth the monies
Also in the Aberdeen area but bought from down south. I did some work on servicing for our new GLC delivered at the end of July 2019. We plan on only having two services in our ownership period and the figures differ from yours :

Service A £355.18
Service B £492.58
Total cost for above £847.76
Service Plan (2 services) 24 mths @ £32.00 = £768.00
Saving £79.76
Dealer : Service intervals are every 12 months from the date of registration or 15,500 miles - whichever comes first.
The services alternate between the A & B Service, the first service will be an A priced at £355.18.
The second service the B and the brake fluid change (due every 2 years), will total £492.58.
Service Plan - the vehicle will require 1 service per year, the monthly cost would be £32.00 per month including VAT. So you could cover 2 services, and make 24 payments of £32.00
I received confirmation from MB that the £32/month does include the brake fluid change - consequently the service plan looks to be the way to go.
MB service plan charges set out here :
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Thanks Jim

I took the prices from Mercedes Website
I have since e mailed Aberdeen and surprised I not only got a reply, I also got dialogue
I shall book car in for Service and take out the Service Plan at the same time, this “should” allow warranty repairs throughout term, then rethink, as realistically it’s break even pricing, using your costs, though fourth Year B service may be beneficial, as this is when it shall be replaced
When Red Ken was new I paid for the first service then immediately signed up for a 3-service plan. That way I get B, A and B services which yield the greatest savings. I also wait at the Dealership whilst they carry out the services, that way I get to consume my own body weight in coffee and carrot cake and fill my pockets with Molton Brown handwash and moisturiser from the toilets.
Ah cunning!
I thought, you could only take the plan out prior to first service!
Thanks, that’s me best aligned, I shall do the same.
That seems very odd pricing Jim compared to mine.

The B service is cheaper than that Quoted by Sytner ( £512 ) but significantly more expensive for the A service ( £296 ). Even allowing for price increases it looks like a rip off to me at £355 for what is basically an oil change.:frown2:

The A service equates to 20% more than Sytner was in Sept 2018 and a wopping 32% more than I actually paid. Just as an aside before my B service in November I was quoted around £360 by the local German specialist independant garage.
I’m seeing a similar variance in price
North east Scotland, Arnold Clark has the Mercedes Franchise, I’m not understanding the 10% price hike for an A service, Between branches, so I intend to enquire
My reasoning for Dealer Service, the car is leased and stipulated in contract, otherwise I’d self Service
Though the above should support my desire for competitive pricing
I previously ran BMW’s and they allow owners to provide Engine Oil as long as it’s within recommended spec......
I’ve just rechecked via their online quotation system to book my GLC in with Stratstone Mercedes Leeds for a B Service at 19,000 miles. This is copied direct from their system. It’s not clear whether brake fluid change is included in this price or is an additional item at £109.10. Refilling the Ad Blue tank is not included and if memory serves me correctly they wanted about £24 to do this when I had the A Service done.

Recommended: Service B £519.34
Key Features of your Service

Key Features of Service B
Change engine oil and oil filter (not applicable for electric vehicles)
Check charging cable and vehicle socket for mechanical damage (Hybrid & Electric)
Check brake fluid level
Correct and note down tyre pressure
Check/correct spare tyre pressure (equipment specific)
Check TIREFIT tyre sealant (equipment specific)
Check first aid kit
Check luggage compartment illumination for proper operation
Check/correct windcreen washer fluid
Check lamps in the instrument cluster and interior illumination for proper operation
Check ex-factory driving aids (equipment specific)
Fill up or replace vial of perfume atomizer (equipment specific)
Fill up Ad®Blue tank (equipment specific, after consultation with customer)
Perform brake test
Check exterior lights for proper operation
Check operation of headlamp range adjustment
Check/correct headlamp adjustment
Check function of windscreen wipers and windscreen washer system
Replace activated charcoal combination filter
Replace battery in the keyfob
Check condition and operation of trailer hitch (equipment specific)

Additional Service Items
Replace dust filter £34.80
Brake system: Replace brake fluid £109.10.

Additional Service Items

A Mercedes-Benz Recommended Service includes both Routine Maintenance and Additional Items to ensure your car operates to an optimum level.

If you have a valid or active ServiceCare product for this vehicle, please disregard the price displayed - your vehicle servicing costs may already be covered. Your Retailer will be able to provide further information.
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