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Messy kids - Rear seat & back of front seat covers

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I'm getting my GLC soon and although its impossible to keep cars clean with kids, I'd at least like to try

Are you guys aware of..

a) any relatively good looking covers for rear seats
b) anything that would protect against a kid kicking the back of the driver of passenger seats

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Hi gypsymoth.
When I take my grandkids out in the car I have 2 storage bags that clip on to the headrests they can put all there's stuff in the pockets sweets drinks ect and the bags protect the back of the seats lots of different styles and types on eBay.
What age are the kids and are they using car seats of any sort still?
This is a very interesting thread.
I picked mine up yesterday, went to the rugby school with our youngest today (7y), and already had to clean :)

I am searching for seat covers as well, and I wonder if my rear seat heating will still work with a cover.
What age are the kids and are they using car seats of any sort still?

4 years old with another on the way

Using a front facing, ISOFIX car seat (frame + seat)

I actually bought a DIONO seat cover from amazon yesterday

Worth a look
My children are 10 and 14 now. Never had an issue with them making staines in any of the cars we owner, not even on long journeys from the UK to Italy or Spain.....But somehow at this age, handbag scuffs agains the plastic in the front is much more of a lasting concern....

I'd rather just use the car than have covers over it and keep it nice for the next owner. Never impacted any kind of trade in prices either....

But then again I also use my phones naked and some insist on covering up that nice design with cases and screen protectors, so I guess we are all different....
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Glad to hear you already bought something that should remedy your situation.
@dejongj I'm the same way when it comes to phones. I feel like everything gets thrown off and ugly when you start putting cases and covers on them. They don't feel nearly as nice as they would bare and they're thicker and what not.

But as for the vehicle, I'm super picky haha, I'd typically have some sort of front seat back cover just for when they start kicking
Scuffs are just part of car ownership and kids. :D But spills will probably drive me nuts as cleaning any kind of liquid off fabric is a pain. Just ban them from eating in the cabin and all will be well.

Put those bloody kids into one of these and all your problems are solved....:wink2:

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