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Multimedia not syncing with Multi Function screen

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Hi All,

I have a few issues already.

Although the supplying dealer (not local) did a software update before I took delivery to sort out the SOS not being active, he missed the fact that the SOS is only active on the multimedia screen but not active on the multi function screen.

Next problem noticed on the way home is that the there is a 1 hour time difference between the two screens and yes I do have the time set correctly. Added to that the time on the MM screen runs slow 2-3 mins quite quickly, you can correct it by going on to satnav.

Third problem, Mercedes ME does not pick up the vehicle, so, I am thinking there is a communication problem?

It is booked in with the local dealer but a lack of communication and understanding on their part makes me feel I shall waste my time unless I can pin down the cause.

Help please.
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Not something I have come across. Though I would be very careful with taking it some where different from where you got it from, unless you have an agreement? As diagnostics are charged at £99, and you might end up paying for it?
No charge if the car is under warranty and has faults. Mine is pretty much the same spec as yours and I haven't had any faults (except crabbing) in over 2 years of ownership.
Going in tomorrow for them to check while I wait, so we will see what they come up with!

Other than these glitches enjoying the car.
Took the car in to day on a while you wait but unfortunately they didn't have an answer to the problem, so, all the details have gone off to Germany, sit back and wait for the fix.
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