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Multiple issues with 2019 GLC 300

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I recently had issue with bluetooth not connecting to my iphone. I tried resetting the bluetooth and it still would not work. When I pressed the Media button, it took a few seconds for the Media screen to open, then it would say that no bluetooth connected. Took me couple of weeks to get an appointment. Found out that the infotainment module had to be replaced. Service center replaced at no cost because it was under warranty.
Got the car back then another problem came up a few days later. This time a message displayed showing that there was a problem with driver side console with a screen that looks like the problem is with driver side airbag. I made an appointment and the earliest that I can take it in to have it service is a week from now.
I'm wondering if anyone else is also having similar problem with their GLC 300. It's a good thing that these things occurred while it's still under manufacturer warranty. Looking back, it's also a good thing that I bought extended warranty for it as well. l thought that Mercedes Benz is known for the quality, now I'm wondering if that is true.
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