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2019 GLC 220d 194hp 4matic
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Hi all

Thanks, glad to be here.
Here is my 2019 GLC 220d 4matic. I just got it 2 weeks ago from a Mercedes authorized dealer in Romania. It was a company car driven by one of their managers.
12,000 km , built November 2019 still under warranty. I was searching quite a while for a car with certain specs. Had to choose between the X3 and the GLC. I loved the X3, beautiful car, excellent ride but somehow I loved the GLC more. I can't really put my finger on it but I feel better in it. Probably because it disconnects me from the mad outside world whereas the X3 involves you more. I guess I appreciate comfort more nowadays. However I have a Mk7 GTI Performance Pack for when I feel like fooling around.
It had to be the new 2.0 diesel. Tried the 200d with 164hp. It was a good drive but somehow it felt underpowered and slower than my beloved 2012 GLK 220d which had a bit more power and way more torque. The 200d was having more gadgets including the digital cluster, rear camera, tinted windows, ambient lighting etc. but I just thought the novelty will wear out and I'll be craving for more power. I don't like having difficulties overtaking a lorry or not being able to keep up with a Qashqai.
So it had to be the 220d 194 hp and the options I wanted were: Multibeam lights, 17" wheels, Android Auto/CarPlay, black Nappa leather. Other than that it's not mega loaded with options but it has the adaptive damping, the larger MBUX display, Garmin navigation etc. I would have liked tinted windows and a bit of porn meaning the 64 shades of ambient lighting which I like a lot but the deal was pretty good so I went ahead and signed the papers.
It rides like a dream, it feels really nice with the 17" alloys and it does everything I want so far. Tyres are Bridgestone Dueler H/P runflat. Super smooth and silent, good grip and braking, very comfortable. Actually I couldn't say they are runflats until the dealer mentioned it.
It came with the parktronic thing which I tried once but it scared the shit out of me so I guess it's pretty useless for now. It works but I just don't feel comfortable letting the car doing the thing I've been doing for 30 years. I know better🙂
The 9 speed auto is excellent, much better than the 7speed I had on the GLK which was a very good one itself.
Major criticism:
  • wish it had a full size spare wheel or at least the room for that. Anyway, most cars in this segment don't provide it either. So I have to suck it up and find alternatives if travelling and potentially getting stranded more than 50 miles from the nearest place with available tyres.
  • the MBUX central tablet seems like an afterthought. The definition is excellent, I can't complain but I would have liked a better integration design wise with the rest of the dashboard.

That's all for now. Have a great one🍺


Here's the old GLk. Said to see it go. It's been ultra reliable and dependable. No issues whatsoever in 9 years.
Wish the GLC will be as good.

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