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My build. I ordered it last week:

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Interior Package
Premium Package
Cardinal Red Metallic
Running Boards
Black Nappa leather
Burmester Surround Sound
Air Body Control
Prepaid Maintenance (3 years/30,000 miles)
My 2000 ML320 Came with 4 years prepaid maintenance built into the MSRP. I like the current method better as it gives me a choice. It also keeps the MSRP in line with the X3 and Q5.
I opted not to order the navigation system as I see it as more of a distraction than a convenience. It took a lot of web surfing to find out that you still get a CD player even if you don't order the navigation system:
There is a more concise description of all the standard equipment here:
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Is it just a special order because you actually ordered it and didn't buy a model off the lot?
Often time you can negotiate based on your trade in. Sometimes its pretty uncomfortable, but just remember that the salesman is gonna try to do the opposite to you, so you've got to push back a bit or else he will get a deal that is skewed to his side.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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