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My build. I ordered it last week:

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Interior Package
Premium Package
Cardinal Red Metallic
Running Boards
Black Nappa leather
Burmester Surround Sound
Air Body Control
Prepaid Maintenance (3 years/30,000 miles)
My 2000 ML320 Came with 4 years prepaid maintenance built into the MSRP. I like the current method better as it gives me a choice. It also keeps the MSRP in line with the X3 and Q5.
I opted not to order the navigation system as I see it as more of a distraction than a convenience. It took a lot of web surfing to find out that you still get a CD player even if you don't order the navigation system:
There is a more concise description of all the standard equipment here:
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As I understand it, prepaid maintenance is not included in the MSRP (As it was for my 2000 ML320), so I get just the 3 years paid for as an option. The total came to $52,570 minus whatever discount I might be able to negotiate. This being a special order, there is little incentive for the dealer lower the price. I will, however, give it a try.
I actually ordered it. Currently there are no models on the lot.
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Not really. I asked about discounts and he offered $1000 off and I accepted that. I might have done better but I'm not really into negotiating. There is still the matter of what I can get for my old ML320. I grew up in Vermont but I have been told more that once that I am not a very good Yankee trader. I can live with that.
My salesman tells me I can expect to see the car in early January. Plenty of time to consider my options.
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