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GLC 300 4MATIC (Canadian Model)

890 - Cavansite Blue
225 - Silk Beige, Leather Upholstery


IDP - Intelligent Drive Package
MLS - LED Lighting System
MP1 - Premium One Package
MP2 - Premium 2 package
MSP - Sport Package
MXP - Premium Seat Package
401 - Climate Comfort Front Seats
463 - Head Up Display
489 - AIRMATIC Air Suspension
501 - 360 degrees Rear View Camera
536 - SIRIUS Satellite Radio
581 - THERMOTRONIC Automatic Climate Control (3-Zone)
638 - 19" AMG 5-Twin-Spoke Alloys
810 - BURMESTER Surround Sound System

In Service, January 28th 2016

it's a nice car. it drives wellish. i miss the V6 of the GLK. i find the 4-cylinder is a small engine for the size of the car. i would prefer a GLC 400, or maybe even a GLC 45, like the GLA 45.

very quiet interior. much quieter than the GLK was, that's for sure. you really hear no road noise from the inside. the outside is nice, i like the blue colour i got, it is dark and depending on the light will change to a kind of dark purple, it doesn't look to bad at all.

it may not seem that much bigger than the GLK, but it has a lot more legroom in the back, very noticeable. the trunk space is also quite a bit larger. once again very noticeable. i think the car has a good size now, it isn't overly large like the ML/GLE is, but it gives you enough legroom for someone who is tall in the back.

the heated rear seats were also a nice addition as a standard feature. to bad the heated steering wheel was only available for the black interior. i was told it was because of the dial, it could only be made in black. (weird, but okay). it was nice to finally have to option of 3-zone climate as that was absent with the GLK. there is also thigh extendable support now for both front seats, also a welcome addition for people who are taller. (I am 6'3").

overall a much more refined, nicer car then the GLK was. it has a much more sporty look to it, especially with the Sport Package. i have the 19" wheels on mine which gives a better ride then the 20s would, plus you also don't have to worry about curb damage to the wheels because of the higher profile tire. i had 20s on my GLK and i prefer the 19s for more of a utility car.

i am a bit disappointed that i couldn't get the Off-Road Engineering Package, it would be handy when heading out of town with that extra clearance and extra off-road driving modes. it wasn't available in Canada. i also don't have the Hands-Free-Tailgate. i guess that isn't available in Canada either. i was a bit disappointed that heated/cooled cup-holders aren't an option, they are fairly cheap in Canada, $250, on the ML and it seems odd that heated rear seats are standard yet those cup-holders aren't an option.


unfortunately the ownership of this car has been less then spectacular. by Feb 13th the first problem came up, (tire pressure warning). this is related to the big problem. i had to bring the car in on March 1st because all of the driver assistance features were "inoperable;" everything, from DISTRONIC to blind-spot assist. so the dealer had the car from March 1st and i got it back on March 31st. but, i had to bring it back to them on April 1st because whatever they did in that month, didn't fix the problem and it was exactly the same as it was on March 1st.

i finally got the car back on April 14th. hopefully everything is fixed. most of the work they did was software related. it came from the factory with some software errors and they had to get online with the factory to be able to fix everything. they did replace some parts but it seems that most problems in new cars are software related. disappointing that it took a month and a half and 1,300kms later to get the car back. they put on about as many kms as i did. i have a 5 page bill of stuff they did, wow it must have cost them an arm and a leg to get this thing working.

we will see how the next few weeks go for ownership but i do like the car. i will take some photos when the weather improves for you all.

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That's a very nicely spec'd GLC you have there. My former ML250 bluetec was Cavansite blue and it's a really nice colour, especially when you get a bit of sunlight on it. Enjoy the GLC and fingers crossed the niggles are over !

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i added some photos to my garage if anyone wants to take a look. it was quite a nice day today.
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