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My new 2022 GLC 300

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The market is officially nuts right now. I took my 2021 GLC 300 in for its one-year A Service on November 30. The salesman suggested we talk...and when we were finished, I had agreed to buy a 2022 GLC 300 when it arrived. It was supposed to arrive in Minneapolis the week before Christmas, but various delays got it there on January 24.

When it was all said and done, I had a new car, with nicer equipment, a substantially lower interest rate, and NOT WHITE!...and they wound up paying me $161 to drive the 2021 for a year and 9051 miles. That's OK...they turned around and sold it a week later as a CPO for full original sticker price (which was a bit higher than what I paid for it).

The new one has the digital instrument panel, built-in SiriusXM and nav, and no sunroof, as well as a few other options. Not loaded by any means, but very nicely equipped. I'm happy. Using Android Auto is nice in theory, but having SiriusXM integrated into the car is a major win, since you don't have to fiddle with anything to get it to work when you first get in. Still learning how to drive the MBUX navigation via voice, yay.
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I just bought a blue with brown brand new GLC in NY. Drove it to the New England area. Between 50-60mph noticed this strong haptic feedback that would cause the steering wheel to shake violently. Gave my car back to the local dealer who has no clue whats wrong. Contacted the head office in Germany, still waiting for some response as to whats wrong. Not impressed with this brand, this is my first buy into the luxury market. Lets see if a solution is available. Its been over a week now.
I bought a 2022 in New Rochelle on Dec of 21, and have the same harmonic resonance in the steering column. When I hit an irregularity in the road the vibration goes on for up to 20 seconds or so. I would be very interested in what you hear back from MB.
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