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Need some help picking

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Newby to the forum. Probably about to switch from Audis to Merc. Unfortunately I've ended up with a newbie at the nearest dealer - so I've turned to looking things up online to get answers (dealer only has AMG 250d in stock)

So far I've got I've decided on diesel, Premium Plus, blue or red (grey at a push). I've been trying to find an 03/2017 to benefit from the cheaper VED, but no luck. Probably 220d - one of my reasons to switch is to be a bit greener compared to my V6 euro 5. If I can't find an 03/2017 then I'll probably go for a 67 or newer to get more warranty.

1. How much stiffer is the AMG-line suspension over the normal Sports? With A5 and A7 I've found the audi s-line to back jarring compared to the SE models.
2. Seats - I went out in an AMG-line. Are the Sport seats still bucket like?
3. The 2018 250d I went out in apparently had Prem Plus (not convinced) and was missing the touch sensitive control that usually sits over the dial. Rep thought it was the age, but I've seen 17/67/18 plates with it - in fact all of them. Left me confused.
4. Android Auto - Rep says it's included in all. But the Brochure says not available with Comand Online.
5. Anything else I should be aware of while looking for second hand.

Thanks for any help.
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Welcome to the forum, will answer what I can.

2) sports seats are bucket like.
3) Command system has touch sensitive pad over dial on all GLC'S with command.
4)Android auto is NOT available with command system at the moment.
5) Try and get one with the intelligent lights, they are brilliant.

If I was you I would go to another dealer, it's ok for him not to know but not to tell you lies.

I think the fact their chain doesn't have any competitively priced cars means I won't be going there, just hard to get to another easily for test drives.

It looks like Mercedes revamped their used car search system on Friday and the new version doesn't seem to do list by distance correctly and it doesn't seem to find all approved used (some disappear from National search dependent on postcode). Despite this, it looks like I can find what I want for £2-3k less than the local dealer has.

Only found 1 with intelligent lights (and the rest of my list). Audi has something similar which I wish I had, messing around with high/low beam on late night country road driving is a pain.
+1 for the intelligents lights.

My previous 2 cars were both Audis with their system and it isn't a patch on the MB imo. I hated the Audi lights which I found slow to respond.

I have an AMG-line and in comfort mode the ride is decent, certainly softer than my A6 S-line black ed on similar 20" wheels.

As an aside, my dealer told me towbars weren't available for the GLC until I got my phone out and showed her they are on the configuration list. She didn't know that one of their demo models actually had one but at least admitted her mistake.
Where did you buy your mudflaps from Lons?
A tow bar would be useful for a bike rack.

I did a search for price/red,blue,grey/lights/prem plus/tow bar/age. Only 1 in the country and only 2k more than my original mileage aim. It's also right at the bottom of the price range I was hoping for, and cars should get cheaper next week when the new plate comes out - I've already had invites to 2 used car events for them to shift stock in Sept.

It all hangs on my wife liking it tomorrow.

Don't keep us any longer in suspense.....:smile2:
Did your wife approve???........0:)
Where did you buy your mudflaps from Lons?
Got them from this dealer on ebay though had to wait a few weeks but they're a great fit. Gone up a little in price as well. Note these are for the GLC AMG-line with running boards fitted there are others for cars without and more than this dealer selling similar mudflaps.

MB dealer and MB customer service both told me it isn't possible to get flaps to fit.
MB dealer and MB customer service both told me it isn't possible to get flaps to fit.

More lies from the Stealer and C/S.......:confused::confused:
I had the stealer fit mudflaps to my late GLC as part of the deal in 2016....:wink2:
Sorry - I started another thread in the welcome forum saying I'd bought it.
She did like it, with minor caveats.

It comes Friday.

Hurragh!!!!!Congratulations and many safe miles of motoring......:wink2:
Thanks Lons, only just seen your reply. Have ordered similar for model without running boards. 🤞🏻
Thanks Lons, only just seen your reply. Have ordered similar for model without running boards. 🤞🏻
The running boards are a Marmite subject Adam, I had them fitted as part of the deal as the 6 week old demo model I bought didn't have them. I prefer the look and more importantly they stop a lot of the cr*p and stones being thrown along the sides. One of the arguments against is you catch your trousers on them but I don't seem to have that issue.

Hope you like the car, I'm happy with mine.
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