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New 2021 GLC300 owner

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My local(ish) made me a deal on a shiny new 2021 GLC300 4Matic I couldn't pass here I am. It doesn't have any of the premium packages on it, but it does have the panoramic moonroof, Burmester sound, and heated wheel. It's got 320 miles on it now, of which 120 were the drive home.

Very happy so far. Only way I'd be happier is if it was a diesel, but MBUSA won't sell me one of those.

Still learning a few new habits, like plugging my phone into it as soon as I get in so I'll have navigation and SiriusXM radio. It's a bit smaller than the ML250 CDI I traded in on it, but that's turning out to be a good thing in my small garage, and I think it'll work for the big road trip my roommate and I make annually.

First new Mercedes I've ever bought, but my 6th overall. I've always wanted to do that.

Anyway, howdy!
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