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New 2022 GLC300 4Matic coolant pump issue

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Hi all! I need your help!

I just got a new glc300 4matic less than 2weeks, now it’s already been towed to the service department because the engine light and temperature sign both came on!
They told me they removed and installed the right circulation pump after inspection since it did not open properly. The service code is 096793.

Now I’m really disappointed and concerned, actually the temperature sign came on after like three days after I got the car, and the second time both engine light and temperature sign came on. I contacted the salesman and he told me it’s normal!

What should I do at this moment? Just go to the dealership and take the car away?I decided to buy MB because I trust their car quantity but now I’m speechless.

I am really concerned that if the engine has been compromised and if this issue would cause more damage or problem to the car in the future.Can anyone share some thoughts about this or give me any suggestions on how to protect my rights? Thank you!!
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I have nothing constructive for an answer....sorry.

I am going to sell mine.....2018 with 35K miles. One repair so far....with a second that will cost me $2k. A PCV valve. I ask myself what will be next.

I previously owned 4 Cadillacs and out of the 4.....only had one repair needed....a throttle box.

I am furious. When told it was $2k for PCV repair, I asked "really"? Service dept. said they have 2 or 3 vehicles in weekly with the problem.

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