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New car on order

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Hello everyone, first time posting on here, Just ordered GLC sport 220d for september 2018. After owned many land rovers for over 24 years, took the plunge and changed brands. Had a few extra's being put on ..premium pack, larger fuel tank,tow bar and selenite paint.
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Welcome Beefer, I came from land rover and will never go back. GLC is a great car but make sure yours is fitted with all weather tyres or you will have the tyre scrubbing issue in the winter.
GLC sport 220d is a good choice, this is for sure. I had not such a car yet, but my closest friend has such a car and during the time he has the car, about three years, he had never a single problem, so this car is convenient, but also beautiful and safe, so this is really an awesome choice. I also think about buying a GLC sport 220d, but as I prefer being cars at auctions, there was not such a car model at the auctions I participate in. By the way, it is really more convenient to buy cars at auctions, especially when you have a shipping company you work with. For example when I want to ship a car, then this is not a problem as I work with a safe car shipping company, which always provides awesome service.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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