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New GLC 250 petrol arrival

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I collected my new GLC 250 petrol last week and have to say it’s superb. It’s way ahead of my departed (and quite hated by the end) Macan in virtually every respect. One thing though that isn’t brilliant is that to stop the internal movement sensor (if taking my dog out and parking, but not this time of year) you have to go through various pages on the onboard vehicle details before being able to leave the car. Every other car I’ve had over the last 20 years or so you just had to press the lock button an extra time. The guy at the dealer didn’t seem to know, any ideas or is that the only way (I’ll get used to it, just one of those quirks)? Apart from that I can’t fault the car. Crabbing I’m used to as the Macan had the same issue, but actually it was hardly ever a problem.
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Yep Adam I found that out just a few weeks ago and it's a pita, I trawled through the manual and couldn't find a shortcut. We were away with the touring caravan and there were a few times I would have liked to leave the dog for just a few minutes with the rooflight and windows open but couldn't do it.
Hi Adam, congrats on the new car, although I haven't tried it on mine I wonder if its possible to add it to favourites?
V good idea, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it work. If that’s the only issue I can live with it. The rest is great.
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