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Hi Everyone,

After being a BMW Driver for the past 17 years plus i never thought i would move across to Mercedes, but i felt like i needed a change of brand as each new BMW is now the same inside and just doesn't feel new anymore. My dad had been a Mercedes owner for over 25 years so the BMW Vs Mercedes battle has been interesting over the years. Currently have a X3 and been a really good car and like the SUV style so i looked at the Audi Q5, great car but just doesn't excite me, Jaguar F pace great looking car but quality and road noise disappointing, Disco Sport again quality and the recall fault list is growing! so though i would try a GLC. After much thinking i decided to sign on the dotted line, its a business decision as well and the discount on the car is just fantastic.

Ordered a GLC 250 D Premium plus with running boards, 360 camera, factory tow bar and air body control. No UK stock cars so factory order for end of April delivery (maybe) still debating the better LED lights.

Does anyone tow with their GLC or have air suspension whats your thoughts? Really hope i have made the right decision

Have found this forum really helpful.

Kind regards

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Welcome MDB76, you won't regret your decision. I looked at the cars you looked at and owned a Discovery sport before the GLC, I also owned a lot of BM'S. The Glc is definitely the best SUV on offer for the money.

Do yourself a favour and order the intelligent lights, they are absolutely brilliant and WELL worth the money.

Check out the crabbing thread and make sure your car is fitted with all season tyres, if not make an agreement with your dealer to fit them for free (paid for by MB) before next winter.

It's going to be a long two and a half months for you but will be worthwhile.
The intelligent lights are amazing a definite must have .
Yes, go for the intelligent lights, well worth the money!
Thanks all, I think it has LED lights are these intelligent lights the optional ones if so what are the differences. If they are worth it I will have to be quick to see if they can be added on

That’s reassuring philamg it’s a harder decision than people realise. Hopefully it will tow well.


Hey Matt,
I’ve got a very similarly spec 250d as your order. The intelligent lights for me have been the best feature I added to the car. I drive on country roads a lot in the dark and they are great! As for air suspension, the ride is smooth. For me, the air suspension is good. I can swap between stiff and soft suspension which used to be a bug for me on my old q5 where I had sport suspension - it was all ways too firm. I don’t tow with the tow bar and only use it for a bike carrier. It’s a very nifty motorized bar!
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Hi Matt and welcome to the forum.

Good call on the 360 degree camera. I rely on mine a lot to avoid kerbing the rims. The cost of having a wheel refurbished is probably not far short of the cost of the camera option. You will enjoy the upgraded Burmester sound system which comes with the Premium Plus package. The audio response will actually continue to improve over the first few months as the speakers bed in and achieve their full dynamic range. As Muks says the air suspension brings a very worthwhile improvement to ride quality and was immediately noticeable compared with the conventionally sprung demonstrator I test drove. With the more flexible all-season tyres fitted, the ABC delivered the magic carpet ride I was seeking so my leap of faith definitely paid off. I coupled it with the Off-road Engineering package because I liked the stance due to the 50mm taller ride height, alternative front end styling and extra drive modes. Slippery Mode and Downhill Speed Regulation took me up and down my very steep driveway entrance with no problems even when it was covered in 6 inches of snow. What colour is your 250d?

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Thank you Toobad that's great information, That's one thing i couldn't understand with this car why cant you have hill decent control but not the AMG line. If you want all the modes then you have to have a different model, although i get you can have the same level of equipment. I just like the AMG Styling. I have hill decent on my X3 and recently used it in snow and it was excellent.

Cavansite Blue is my chosen colour. Not seen the colour in the flesh but it looks good on screen.

Managed to add the Intelligent lights this morning.


I agree the Mercedes Configurator creates as situation where you need to start with your most wanted feature and then make a series of compromises. Hopefully at the end of the process you still have a car you are happy to live with. @Muks has an AMG Line 250d in Canvasite Blue which he combined with the Night Package to produce a stunning result. There's a couple of photos of it posted here:

Canvasite Blue Thread

Don't know if you opted for the £400 StarGard paint protection treatment but many of us here preferred to apply our own protection systems. If you have the time and are willing to put in the effort, you can achieve equally impressive or better results for a lot less money. If a shiny car is your thing, have a look at this thread:

How's Everybody Getting Detailed?
Good decision on the intelligent lights. I also went for ABC and tow bar. Not tow my caravan yet, but I did tow a horse box and it towed beautifully. Will be towing next weekend, I'll post a little tow car review once I'm back.
ABC is great I could test one as there were no demos so it was a bit of a "risk" Very smooth...
Thanks again Toobad.

It does look stunning in the photos so again that has put my mind at ease. Really glad i come across this forum as you cant beat advice straight from the owner of these cars. This morning while adding on the lights i was told that and i quote "i wouldn't bother as you wont notice the difference" in other words that is extra work for me now to change the order. I insisted that they are added and they come back an hour later and confirmed they had been added onto the build.

We are in a industry where we deal with many different trades including detailers and i know a very good one who i will hand my car to. Wouldn't trust the dealers paint protection, they struggle to wash and dry a car.

Looking forward to hear how your towing experience is gb93616. I too couldn't have a test drive of a car with ABC and the dealer salesperson said he had never even driven one but tried to talk me out of having this option as i know they had a stock car with a tow bar what they wanted to get rid of but i thought its just got to be a better drive so was adamant of an factory order to my specification.

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Great choice and excellent decision to add the lights, I love them.
Mines in obsidian black, 20" wheels with all season tyres, running boards, 360 cameras and the night pack but has conventional suspension.

I've got a large twin axle caravan and have only towed in in unladen state, around 1600kg but handled with ease. The camera is very useful when hitching up as it shows the towball and you can get it very close.

Note if you tow a caravan you might want to look at the thread on mudflaps as they aren't easily available for the AMG-line. I bought mine from China and they are a perfect fit but took several weeks to deliver
Thanks LONS our caravan is just over 1500kgs so that good news that the GLC tows well. I will take a look at the thread for the mud flaps as I noticed that none seemed to be listed for this model.

Hopefully get a few miles on it before it maiden tow.
My van is a 2017 Elddis Crusader Zephyr with 1800kg MTPLM so very heavy and not far off the gross KW of the car. My previous Audi A6 avant quatro was slightly lighter and less powerful at 190 bhp than the GLC but handled it with ease so I'm not expecting any problems when we load up for our next trip.
I fitted mudflaps about a month ago bought from ebay from mycar_club (about 50 quid from China, didn't take long to arrive)
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