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New GLC Owner

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Good Afternoon Folks

My first visit here and wanted to say hi!

Just ordered a new 220d GLC Urban Edition today for the wife.

I know that a facelift is due this year but I couldn't take er in doors battering my ear any more plus Merc did me a deal I couldn't refuse. I really wanted new engine but she won :frown2:

Its nothing special really, 220d Auto, 4matic Urban Edition in selenite grey with charcoal interior. They only had 2 left, one in blue with cream interior and the one we've just bought. Wanted the blue really but not the cream interior (we have 2 kids).

I've heard of the issue re jumping on full lock. Has this been sorted on 18/19 build cars or is it still a problem?

Is there anything we need to be aware of?

We've had 4 Mercs before, A Class and B Class and originally went in for a new shape B Class but the numbers worked out the same for the GLC so thats what she got.

I've lots of Qs re fitting a dashcam etc but I'll do a bit of hunting round on the forum first before I loose hope and start a new thread.

Thanks for reading

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Hi Scrounger, welcome to the forum.

Can you please fill in your location in your profile, some queries have market specific answers.

All cars are special, selenite is a great colour, doesn't get dirty easily.

We are not sure yet whether the new cars coming out of the factory have had the new steering knuckles fitted but assume they have, you will soon know if they haven't been fitted and will be able to get them fitted by the dealer.
We just bought a 2018 AMG 43 and it has the jumping as you call it; pretty bad to be honest. Ours has the 21" wheels which may make the issue worse but none the less its still there. We live in Europe with L-hand drive and believe me its present when backing out of the garage. It does not put me off too bad but will get it sorted when the upgrade is available. Aside from that issue; love the car; its not perfect but still a darn nice place to be; short or long trip. Enjoy
Welcome Warsaw.

The upgrade isn't available for the 43 or 63, great car spoilt by this issue.
Do you know why its not available for the AMG the suspension that different than the other GLC models. I'm pretty upset about that really. Was hoping to bring it to the dealer soon for the upgrade. Aside from that I really like the 43.....bummer but thanks a bunch for the clarification....
I agree frustrating, different components for 43 and 63 and at the moment they haven't produced them, may change in the future.
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