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New member, 2017 GLC 250d Prem Plus

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Hello, new to the GLC, but own a w204 so persuaded mrs to get a glc to join the merc clan. Bought approved used in hope that it would be the best and without a testdrive given these lockdown circumstances was the only way i could trust it. Anyway, look forward to contributing and learning from this forum.

Best wishes.
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Hi Nathan,

If it’s a pre 2019 GLC - Make sure it’s been fitted with New Knuckles otherwise you might regret it

Search forum / Google GLC Crabbing 😢

Great car apart from this fault
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Is the new 2019 facelift fitted with the new knuckles? I just got a 220d with the new 2.0 litres diesel, built November 2019, bought used as certified car from dealer, still under warranty.
Not sure - The Dealer will be able to confirm

If it does have fault then MB should fix under Warranty
Believe the modified steering knuckles were fitted on the production line from September 2018. My March 2019 build has no crabbing issues.
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