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New member but 2x GLC already....

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G'day All,
I'll try & keep it short & sweet....
I was one of the first batch who brought the GLC in the UK - it was the Prem Plus AMG 250D AMG in Grey - at the time there was nothing around which fitted the bill for what we as a family wanted/needed the Toureg came close...
Well 42k was spent & we owned it for a while & although (for me not the wife) the 4 Cylinder sounded a bit rattily & felt a bit pushed to get the most out of the engine we like it a lot - it felt luxurious & although we had electrical problems(TTPS) it was a good car until someone left their hand brake off and smash! - it was never the same after...but now the V6 is in the UK - WOW! tick all the boxes this time Prem Plus AMG 350D in white, running bounds, night pack & uprated sounds! Merc gave(because of the hassles we had) a very good trade in think 36K & I handed over 12.5K so I was happy for a another brand new one!
Living with the V6 its feels like it should...not strained & by far quicker when needed...yes the MPG are noticeable but its outweighed, although the 250 was frugal compared to my old S-Max & the current V6.
Now I've had the GLC wrapped in Matte Grey(mainly for the Wife - yes the wife!)
I really love the GLC now - yes, I know all about the tyre issues (thanks to this site & google) but the all-weather tyres are doing their job & in the odd car park on lock you can hear them gripping more than the norm but other than that it a great 9/10! From me
Anyways thanks for reading (if you didn’t get bored!) PS might be worth a mention my weekend car is a Mustang Shelby GT 2007:surprise:
Having a quick proof read – please don’t think this is a V6 is the BEST – rest are rubbish type of thing – this is only my honest opinion thus far!0:)
Catch up on some gossip soon!
Stay Happy! :smile2:


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