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New Member from Vietnam

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Hi All,

I'm Dao Trong Anh, new member from Vietnam.

I'm working now for a automobile magazine in Việt Nam and wold like to join your GLC Forum in order to learn and share info, news, and technical issues relating to the Mercedes-Benz GLC.

So I have a question: how deep (max) can a GLC drive through water and how high is the Air Intake of GLC over the street sureface ?

Tks and Bgds
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Hi Anh, greetings from the UK and a very warm welcome to the forum. According to Page 70 of the e-brochure for our country, the maximum recommended water depth (also referred to as fording or wading depth) is quoted as being 300mm. As to the height above ground of the air intake, my 220d Sport measures it as 800mm to its lowest point but my car is fitted with the optional Air Body Control which means the ride height is 50mm higher than GLCs fitted with the conventional suspension.

Here is our e-brochure but be aware that the options made available do vary between markets: Mercedes-Benz GLC 2017 PDF UK Brochure
Welcome to the forum, lots of good information on here.
Great Tks for your guide,

So in case driver go lower than 300 mm so pls adv whether water can go into the front DifFrential ?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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