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Hi all
I have been watching this forum now for 6 months while waiting for delivery of my GLC250D should arrive in 2 weeks cant wait
lots of good threads to read and gain info
Glad to be a member at last :smile2:
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G'day long time lurker :laugh: Welcome to the forum, we have several members on here from the Land of the Giant Hopping Mouse. @ceasar is also from NSW and now knows a fair bit about dashcam installation whilst @Teckno is from Victoria and has built up quite an in-depth knowledge of the GLC in general and about replacement tyres in particular. Not many more sleeps to go now but I bet you feel, like all expectant owners, time is nearly standing still for you.
Hi @MyMerc welcome to the forum, remember to show us some photos when you've picked it up

Hi and thanks for the welcome
Yes time is standing still and all i can do is wait for my turn drive away in a car i have been waiting so long for
I hope i don't get the same problem with the tyres as reported here so often i didn't know about it until i orded it
The one we drove didn't do it and i did do some tight u turns
I went back after reading about it to the sales guy his reply was that they have fixed the issue i hope so
Well im still looking forward to driving my new car
I've been waiting since feb 3rd for my delivery. Expecting early May. What specs did you order on yours?
Orded mine in October 2017 delivery late March
The dealer rang to say it was delayed to 1st week of April delivery
Specs not many
Exclusive Package
DLS-Delete Sidesteps (846)
Seat Comfort Package 14U-

Smartphone Integration (apple car play

Hi My Merc.
Welcome to the forum lots of information about our car here. Hmmmm GLC and got apple car play your lucky and latest 2018 model .Mine is also 2018 (built November 2017) but no Apple car play. Whereabout are you in NSW? and your dealer?
Hi Ceasar
We live at Toowoon Bay on the Central Coast i orded mine from Hornsby dealer
You must have been happy to pick yours up how is it going
Yes i see i can pick up a lot of info from here with a lot of good posts
They have offered extented warranty from 3 years to 6 years for $2,875 waiting to hear back from the dealer is it from Merc or a 3rd party not sure what to do there
did you take the offer up
current with the car
3 year free service
4 year road side assist
HI My Merc,
I know that dealership been there lurking around before but I bought mine at Mona Vale. They did offer me an extended warranty but I decline it because I already have a free 3 year service for my car ( its a part of a program Merc has that if your employer is a member of the program) also I agree with Lons ( from other thread) . Its up to you but if it is from Merc something to think about but as you said it may be from 3rd party I just cannot understand that Merc offering extended warranty not from them.
BTW hope your alright there, heard on the news rains and freak storms was hovering your way a few days ago. Your Merc missed that one .hahahha
Hi Ceasar
Good to catch up and yes i hope the Merc is tucked away out of the rain and covered with a cover to keep that shine look
I checked and the warranty is been offered buy a 3rd party
The person i spoke to said they have been offering this for years from this company it covers all that Merc covers and never had a problem
I asked then why doesn't Merc offer the warranty his answer is that they believe that after 3 years people trade there car in and buy another if the warranty is longer they will keep it longer
Sound right i would
I'm going to give the extra warranty a miss
How is yours going haven't worn it out yet
How is it going with the tyre issue people are talking about any as yet first thing i'm going to do is check what brand of tyre is on it
We live at Toowoon Bay on the Central Coast
Ha, that brings back a few memories. We got as far as there last time we were in Sydney 3 years ago. Nice area.

So far so good ,I did test mine turning lock to lock no problem ,hope stays good , got a Pirelli Verde RFT 20inch. Just enjoying putting some bling bling inside out, she looks nice now, lot nicer. I cannot post picture tried wont go , I used hosting too but no go. Just one thing I need to ask the service guys on my first service to enable the foot wave as I have tow bar installed and they disable it. Hope its possible.
Hi MyMerc,

GLC owner for just gone 12 months.

Also reside in same council area as you. ..though, that be a big net to cast, nowa-days.

I am sure you will enjoy your vehicle.

I have ahs 12 months of enjoyment so far ......I just love driving it.


PS posted to your question about tyres.
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Do you have it yet???
Hi Phil
At last we pick it up tomorrow
I was passing the dealer today and called in just to make sure it was finally here and have a peek
Yes cant wait till tomorrow to bring it home and play with the set up
We will catch up when im out your way
I will post a photo when im finished admiring it
Look forward to it MyMerc, enjoy.
New Memeber

Hello, I'm a new member from Italy.
Have ordered in January a GLC AMG 63s edition 1.
the production date is set for 1st may and should get the car (beast) by end of May.
Welcome cefide888, not too long to go now.
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