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I'm writing my first thread as a new member and the owner of a 250D Sport for just over 12 months - prior to picking up the GLC, I had owned BMWs for over 30 years!
Towards the end of that period I felt BMW was losing it's way in terms of design, it being unable to find a new language for their models, while Mercedes were producing clean, elegant designs which, from the current sales figures, are appealing to many existing and new customers like myself.

So when considering a 4x4, I tried an X3 (acknowledging it was soon to be replaced) but the test showed how out dated the car was in many ways, and I wasn't hopeful the design would change to any great degree (I also tried an X1 but really was a non starter) so while my wife's A class was being serviced at a dealer, I organised a day long GLC test and I knew very quickly it was the car I wanted and as said elsewhere on the forum, I didn't consider an Audi. Over 12 months of ownership including a trip to SW France, it has been a perfect vehicle for travelling being very comfortable (not always the case with BMWs), spacious and with technology for today.

However after approximately 8/9 months, what I thought was a transmission noise (it could be described as a high pitched whine) developed between 1200 and 1500 revs, both on acceleration and overrun. At the yearly service, I raised this with the dealer to address, and when collecting the car I was told the master technician had taken the car out and considered there to be nothing wrong, I was told they are like that or words to that effect which I simply didn't believe. I took this up with the service manager that evening and he agreed to retain the car for another day. Subsequently, the car went in again for a full week and it was finally diagnosed as a faulty prop-shaft which is to be replaced under warranty.

I'm interested to know if any other members have experienced a similar problem and if so, was it resolved to their satisfaction.

Finally, I look forward to reading forum member's views and thoughts on matters Mercedes - I doubt very much if I would ever contemplate another BMW despite the issue above, the GLC is so good and meets all my expectations of a car.
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Welcome to the forum, no such whine on mine and not heard of it before. Hassle the dealer regarding the noise and try another dealer if possible.

Can you please fill in your location in your profile so we know where you are as some answers to queries are market specific.
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