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New owner and member saying hello

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Hi Everyone, new member here.

I have recently bought a year old GLC AMG43 and I'm loving it. It brings a smile to my face every drive (especially the noise) and it feels very comfortable, stable and well equipped. After much searching I was lucky to find the spec I did and was more than willing to make a two hour journey to test drive it, it feels a very special motor.

Approx 12 weeks before buying the 43; the wife and I traded her Evoque for a new GLC 220d AMG Line Premium also in Obsidian Black and I was so impressed with it that I knew it wouldn't be long before I traded my Discovery Sport for a GLC for myself. So now we are two GLC family. After several two seater sports cars for both of us, we now have a young daughter and seem to be very settled in the SUV camp.

We absolutely loved the Evoque having owned it for 6 years from new and we both knew it would be difficult to say goodbye to that car but the GLC was the right choice(s) after looking at a Macan, V60, V90 and SQ5. The Disco Sport was less loved, nothing overly wrong with it; (apart from the oil dilution problem which was a right pain and long term ownership concern) it looked great in Garpathian Grey with the Black Pack but it just felt a little too budget and basic despite being a very well specced HSE and was quite a boring drive.

We do have a little crabbing going on with both of the cars, but it doesn't bother me or my wife, it seems a minor thing at low speeds on full lock, not a big deal in my opinion but then again after owning two Land Rovers maybe we are just a little more accepting of quirks and flaws?

Have a great day all.


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