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New owner- need help deciding on extended warranty

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We became proud owners of a 2018 certified GLC yesterday.
The factory warranty left till July 2022, and the certification extends that to July 2023.

For $2700, the dealer offers an extended MB warranty- 2 years in addition to the current one which would extend total warranty time to July 2025.

The price would go up by 15%, 30 days after the purchase date, so we have one month to decide if we will keep the vehicle long term.

I do not have any experience with MB. The Audi Q5 that we had before this GLC, was fine until it hit about 7-8 years/ 75K miles.

Other European SUVs we had (LR2 and Volvo XC90) were so unreliable during the original warranty that I did not keep them after the factory warranty expired.

Can anyone with long-term ownership experience post your advice?

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I have a 2017 GLC 250d now on 122 000km and have never needed to do anything other than regular service items. I was faced with the same decision you have to make now. I took the money and invested it as a buffer against possible repairs and it's even grown a bit. This is something you will need to decide based on your own risk appetite profile. Not sure which engine you have but my independent mechanic with a lot of experience with these cars convinced me not to take a warranty. I recently saw a Vito with basically the same engine as mine still doing duty whilst having more than 600 000km on the clock.
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