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GLC300d SL500(R230) E220(C207) (Previous: SL500(R231) SLC(R172) SLK200(R171) E280(W112) E300(S124))
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Hi there,

Recently purchased GLC300d, 2020, premium Plus and I love it.

Lives in Glasgow, Scotland.

Other Mercs currently in the house are:
E220CDI (C207): My other daily
SL500 (R230): My Fun car. As much as I love it, I hate it (depending on what mood the over-complicated electronics are)

Previously owned Mercs:
SL500 (R231): hated it and declined the car 2 weeks after purchase as it needed a new loom after damage by oil leak
SLC (R172): Wife's
SLK200 (R171): My midlife crises car
E280 (W112): My previous daily
E300 (S124): My first family car

Thank you for accepting my membership

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