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New (to me) GLC250, Urban Edition

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Hi, I'm uk based and getting a GLC250 Petrol from late 2018, (pre-facelift). I wonder if anyone has managed to successfully managed to fit Folding Mirrors on a GLC as strangely is the only thing that is bothering me..
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Set In the menu setting section
I wish it was just a setting, it is actually missing the folding mirrors altogether, no button on the driver-side window and mirror controls.
Coming from the 2015 ML Amg Line do you think i will miss a lot going for the Urban edition, just realised it does not have sensors.. I had accepted the not folding mirrors, any comments feedback from anyone? It's a £25500 car with 30k miles. How much was the urbans new?
When I bought my Sport 250 in March 2019 new unregistered Urbans were on offer for £29000, the face lift was announced 1 week after I signed the order. Urban also do without Dab radio as well as reversing sensors but do come with reversing camera.
Urbans were on offer for £29000
This was a cracking deal back in 2019 and I would have gone for that 100%. I guess this is where my worry comes from, I'm paying £25k for a 6/2019 car with 30k miles it is from a Main Dealer and it is the cheapest Urban 250 Petrol in the country with these miles. Is it going to be a very steep hill down for me? I'm planning to keep it for 2-3 years.
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