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New to Mercedes World!

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Hi all,

I have just placed a deposition down on a facelift 2020 CLC Coupe AMG 300d Premium from our local MD dealer who is very good to deal with. First time I have looked at and driven an MB and I am impressed having come from always having Audis and BMW.

So, couple of things it would be great to get a steer on:

Servicing costs? Next year service is the major one
Tyres - 285 ones on the back seem pricey?
Any things to look out for?
Best ambient light to match dials and driving mode tips?
Happy with PCP £ after haggling, anything else I could get from the dealer from experience i.e full tank, next service included etc?

Any top tips from experienced MB owners are welcome. If it helps, I will be doing 10/15 per year.
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