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New to the forum. I purchased my GLC June of 2016. Have about 30k on the car and getting ready to have the 3rd set of tires put on due to cupping / feathering. When talking with my service rep they tell me they know of the problem but Mercedes will not be doing anything about it. When I call Mercedes they say they do not know of any problem. Who do you believe and why should we have to replace tires every 10k. Alignment and balance are fine tires rotated as scheduled. Any suggestions on what to do
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Welcome to the forum, can you please add your location to your profile and we may be able to assist, the advice is different depending on what market you are in.
Welcome to the forum. This has been a pretty common complaint, as it doesn't really look like MB has any interest in providing a fair solution. Perhaps the issue could be fixed with some suspension tweaks? But unfortunately that's going to have to come out of your own pocket.
Not all dealers will be helpful. I learned that from experience.

Ever since that I go through a process for selecting dealers I buy from, online reviews and feedback being a big part of it.

Have you considered trying any other dealers?
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