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I have ordered a 2020 GLC and have a build date of 2-18. I did ask for and receive the vin# from my salesman, but he indicated there is no way for me to track it’s progress from plant to dealer. I find this odd as I have been able to track previous Audi and Infiniti orders. Sorry if this has already been asked, but wonder if there is a way to track or do I just wait until I hear from the dealer?
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Welcome to the forum, can't help regarding tracking.

Can you please add your location to your profile as your question and many others are market specific.
Based on various previous posts (from many people across multiple forums so a little hard to attribute):

Enter your VIN here:

That will provide your order number which you enter as the customer reference here:

This will provide all the info re ship and times etc
Thank you for your reply. I entered my vin# on the mbdecoder site, then the production# on the walleniuswilhelmsen site, but there was no information available. I guess the vehicle has not been turned over to the shipper yet? Will keep trying.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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