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Hi everyone. New member (accidental!), wanted to change from my Range Rover Evoque so went to ‘look’ round my local Mercedes dealer and ended up ordering a glc 220d sport premium plus 😂 I have a question that owners might be able to answer.. we have a caravan that we will be towing and we wanted to have the electronic folding tow bar fitted but not much info comes up when I’ve googled it. Has anyone had one fitted and would you recommend it? And would it interfere with the boot sensor at the bottom for opening with your foot? Sorry don’t know the official name for that feature! Thanks in advance 😁
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Welcome Emma, not in a position to post regarding the tow bar but sure somebody will answer. Can you please fill in your location in your profile as answers to some questions are market specific.
Think the foot wave to open boat is deactivated when factory towbar is fitted.sure I read that somewhere on the forum
Hi Emma, I have the electronic folding tow bar fitted and the boot wave is deactivated, I have never used one so don't miss it, I use the key or press the boot button
I have the tow bar the foot wave still works. It's the main way I open the boot.
When the towbar is retracted you can open the boot with your foot, key or the button. When the tow bar is out I presume you can't but I've not tried.
One problem I found is the dealers don't know the car well.
Just collected mine today, when the tow bar is down as said the foot wave doesn’t work, it does no issue when the tow bar is tucked away.

Tried both in the delivery bay.
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